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B. J. Mathis - Having Fresh Eyes To See That God Is At Work

B.J. Mathis, youth minister at the Winchester Cumberland Presbyterian Church, shares how a multi-generational congregation shaped his faith in his formative years and how the Church is being challenged to have fresh eyes to see God is still at work.

Garrett Burns - Part of Seeing God is Being in the Presence of Another

Garrett Burns, Associate Chaplain at Bethel University shares an early experience of seeing God through his grandmother and how the Church is in a period of refinement.

Terra Sisco - God Loves Me Regardless of My Mistakes

Terra Sisco, minister at Marlow Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma shares how seeking perfection gets in the way of her accepting God's grace and forgiveness and how God's love has always been there for her regardless of past mistakes.

Jeff McMichael - Beginning a Journey & Seeing the World in a Different Way

Jeff McMichael, minister at Freedom Cumberland Presbyterian Church and regional representative for Our United Outreach shares how his parents were crucial in his faith formation and being open to God allows us to see the world in a different way.

Perryn Rice - Adapting & Adjusting As The Spirit Moves

Perryn Rice, senior minister at the Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas shares on Cumberland Road how his life experiences and the workings of the Holy Spirit has shaped his ministry and preaching and how missions will define the Church moving forward.

Nathan Wheeler - To Be One Piece of the Larger Kingdom

Nathan Wheeler, Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination, shares how God takes us as we are to be a piece of the larger kingdom and how living like Christ is truly a healing way.

Elea Brown Forester - God As A Transforming Power & Who Amplifies Voices

Elea Brown Forester, a history major at Maryville College, shares on the Cumberland Road podcast on thinking of God as a transforming power in the world and one who amplifies voices that are often not heard.

Cynthia Paulk- If You Just Knew the Joy

Cynthia Paulk from Lubbock, Texas shares on Cumberland Road how a crashing halt in her career brought her back to a walk in faith in Christ and the difference it is making in her life today.

Jeff DeWees - In Search of a Closer Walk with Jesus

Rev. Jeff DeWees, minister at the Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church, shares on Cumberland Road how his faith pushes him towards a deeper relationship with Christ and how faith impacts his interactions with others.

Laura Reed - Nowhere Near Finished With Me Yet

In this conversation on Cumberland Road Laura Reed, a student preparing for ministry, shares about being open to learning, the gift of humility and that God is always working within us.

Logan Dixon - The Everyday Nearness of God

Logan Dixon, a student preparing for the ministry of Word and Sacraments in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, talks about growing up in his grandparent's home, ministers who have impacted his faith journey and how the everyday nearness of God keeps him grounded.

Mitch Boulton - Surrendering To A Call To Do More

Rev. Mitch Boulton, minister at Olivet Cumberland Presbyterian Church, shares on Cumberland Road of finding peace, assurance and confirmation by answering the call to ministry and the desire to do more.

Milton Ortiz - The Struggles & Joys of A Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ

On this conversation of Cumberland Road Rev. Dr. Milton Ortiz, Team Leader of the Missions Ministry Team of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination shares the struggles and joys of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Maddie Taylor - Sense of Community is the Most Beautiful Attribute of the Church

In this conversation on Cumberland Road Maddie Taylor, a Cumberland Presbyterian studying at Maryville College, shares how she is closest to God through service and learning and how a sense of community is the most beautiful attribute of the Church.

Rhonda McGowan - Forgiveness & Ministry

In this conversation on Cumberland Road, Rev. Rhonda McGowan, minister at Pikeville Cumberland Presbyterian Church and volunteer chaplain at Bledsoe County Correctional Facility shares about family forgiveness, serving a small congregation and prison ministry.

David Lancaster - Life's Ups and Downs and the Presence of God's Love

In this conversation on Cumberland Road, Rev. Dr. David Lancaster Professor of Christian Studies at Bethel University talks about the ups and downs of life and the overwhelming presence of God's love.

Billy Price - Discovering An Abundant Life In Christ

In this conversation on Cumberland Road, Rev. Billy Price associate minister of youth at Beaver Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee shares how discovering, following and living the way of Jesus Christ is a life lived abundantly.

Neal Wilkinson - Being Reminded of God's Goodness, Beauty & Love

Rev. Neal Wilkinson, Senior Pastor at White Oak Pond Cumberland Presbyterian Church, shares in this conversation on Cumberland Road that being a parent is being reminded of God's goodness, beauty and love.

Joyce Merritt - Wrestling With God

Rev. Joyce Merritt, Director of Still Waters Family Ministries based in Middle Tennessee, shares in this conversation on Cumberland Road how she has "wrestled" with God over control and time and expresses her hope in the Church as it tries new things to minister with others.

Susan Parker - Having Questions & Having Faith

Rev. Dr. Susan Parker, Cumberland Presbyterian minister in Rogersville, Alabama, shares in this conversation of Cumberland Road that even during times of challenges and questions, she sees the life of Christ is the life she wants to emulate and finds hope in the love expressed in the Church today.

John Talbott - Ahead Of Me In Everything

John Talbott, member of the Grace Fellowship Cumberland Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, California, shares in this conversation on Cumberland Road how Jesus is ahead of him in every turn of his faith journey.

Samantha Hassell - The Ever-present Nature of God's Steadfastness

In this conversation on Cumberland Road Rev. Samantha Hassell, Associate Minister at Sturgis Cumberland Presbyterian Church, shares how her faith journey is connected with the ever-present nature of God's steadfast love.

Nate Mathews - Experiencing A Love That Is Real, Raw & Unconditional

In this conversation on Cumberland Road, Rev. Nate Mathews, Senior Pastor at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Lubbock, Texas talks about experiencing the love of God that is real, raw and unconditional.

Fredy Diaz - A Relationship With God Brings Surprises

In this conversation on Cumberland Road, Rev. Fredy Diaz the Associate Pastor of Multicultural Ministries at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Houston, shares how early life experiences showed him the parental aspect of God and how this relationship is full of wonderful surprises.

Cumberland Road Jody Hill

Rev. Dr. Jody Hill, president of Memphis Theological Seminary, talks about how paramount family members were in developing his faith and how a strong dependence on prayer helps guide him on his faith journey today.

Cumberland Road Byrd Broyles

Rev. Byrd Broyles supplies the music for this episode and talks about how God had to "scrub and shine" to make him the person God is calling him to be.

Cumberland Road Becky Zahrte

Ministry with Zahrte! (Yeah, it rhymes) Rev. Becky Zahrte shares her faith journey from growing up, away and back again to the Christian faith and how God has guided her to ministry.

Cumberland Road Alan Butler

Alan Butler, the new Coordinator of Benefits for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, shares his faith journey from a camp experience to a call to ministry in this episode of Cumberland Road.

Cumberland Road Tommy Clark

Rev. Dr. Tommy Clark shares his faith journey, his passion for homelessness, founding of the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry and his path of ministry.

Cumberland Road Shelia O'Mara

Rev. Shelia O'Mara describes her faith journey as people point her down paths of faith and vocation throughout her life.

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