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Johan Daza - In the Midst of Diversity, We Become the Body of Christ

Rev. Johan Daza, Director of Intercultural Ministries for the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination, shares his faith journey and how nuances between faith practices among different cultures, settings and contexts provides diversity that allows us to become the Body of Christ.

Chris Anderson - Resurrection Gives Me Hope

Rev. Chris Anderson the minister at Mt. Olive and Pineville Cumberland Presbyterian congregations in Arkansas shares how music has shaped his faith journey and how the resurrection gives him hope.

Victor Hassell - This Is Not The End; There Is More

Rev. Victor Hassell is the minister at the Sturgis Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Sturgis, Kentucky. Victor shares in his faith journey that there is more than loss, suffering and mistakes but love for the ministry, the stranger and the Church.

Jamie Berkley - Meeting People Where They Are

Jamie Berkley is the Assistant Public Defender for the 28th Judicial District in Tennessee and an elder and session clerk at the Newbern Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Jamie shares how meeting people where they are opens the door for common ground and conversation about family, life and faith.

Alfonso Marquez - God Is Faithful & We Are But Stewards

Rev. Alfonso Marquez is the church starter and minister at the Mercy Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Lenoir City, Tennessee. In our conversation, Alfonso shares different times in his life of God's faithfulness, the commitment to stewardship and meeting people where they are.

Tim Smith - Let Your Will Be Done

Rev. Tim Smith is the minister at Fayetteville Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Tennessee. Tim shares in our conversation that his journey of faith has been shaped by seeking out God's will and finding the strength to accept it.

Leanne Kerner - It's Okay To Mess Up

Rev Leanne Kerner is the Director of Children and Youth Ministries at the Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas. She shares her faith journey and how creating spaces for authenticity gives everyone an opportunity to enter into a conversation and relationship with God.

Elinor Brown - The Art of Being Present, Creative, Generous & Introspective

Rev. Elinor Brown is a Cumberland Presbyterian minister and team leader for the Discipleship Ministry Team of the Ministry Council. Elinor shares how her faith journey is becoming skilled in the art of being present, creative, generous and introspective.

Brent Wills - Any Way You Can Share The Love Of God

Rev. Brent Wills is the minister at the Jerusalem Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He shares his faith journey as a second career pastor, what keeps him grounded holding multiple jobs and how his faith took an unique turn at the arrival of his son.

Kip Rush - Holy Moments

Rev. Kip Rush the senior minister at the Brenthaven Cumberland Presbyterian Church shares personal experiences within his life of tragedy, faith, illness and growth and finding holy moments in each of these.

George Estes - Formed, Shaped And Made New By The Gospel

Rev. Dr. George Estes minister and writer shares on this episode on Cumberland Road his faith journey and how difficult it would be to have a basis for morality, ethics and compassion apart from the gospel of Christ.

Jim Fisk - Finding Purpose And Fulfillment

Jim Fisk is the minister at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Russellville, Arkansas. Jim shares how his faith journey led to finding purpose and fulfillment in ministry, what it is like to return to full-time ministry and foreseeing some exciting times for the future of the Church.

Christopher Martin - You Are Not Forgotten

Reverend Christopher Martin is the senior minister at Robinson Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America near Alcoa, Tennessee. He serves as stated clerk of Tennessee Synod, vice moderator and co-youth minister of Hiwassee Presbytery. Chris shares how God is a constant in his life and how he is reaching out to those within the church and community to let them know they are not forgotten.

Jimmy Byrd - Seeing God In The Midst Of Frustrations

Rev. Jimmy Byrd is the minister at the Clarksville Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Tennessee. Jimmy shares how humor is essential to the Christian faith, his transition from youth ministry to the pastorate and how God shines in the midst of frustrations.

Paul Earheart-Brown - Extending The Chain Of God's Love

Rev. Paul Earheart-Brown is the minister at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Olive Branch Mississippi. Paul shares about the impact of camping ministry on his life and how extending God's love gives us our calling, purpose and grounding.

Derek Jacks - It's All Grace

Rev. Derek Jacks is the senior minister at the Homewood Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Derek shares his calling into ministry and that demonstrating God's grace is about relationships and being present.

Alan Meinzer - The Spirit of God Will Not Let Me Go

Rev. Alan Meinzer is the minister at Barron Fork Cumberland Presbyterian Church and instructor at the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville. In this conversation, Alan shares some experiences of the Holy Spirit "push" in different turns of his faith journey.

George C. Ladd - We Are Created To Be The Hands & Feet

George C. Ladd, stated clerk of Columbia Presbytery and member of the Swan Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Tennessee, shares his journey of exploring many spiritual paths throughout the years.

Duawn Mearns - God's Going To Reveal Something I've Never Seen Before

Rev. Duawn Mearns, senior minister at Covenant Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Ada, Oklahoma, shares how he has discovered in his faith journey that it is okay not have everything figured out and to be open to the where, when and what God has in store.

Iwao Satoh - Church Is A Place Where I Feel At Home

Rev. Iwao Satoh, minister at the Louisville Japanese Cumberland Presbyterian Church shares his extraordinary journey of being a Christian teenager in Japan and how the Church feels like home and belonging to a family.

David Kurtz - God Is In the Pivotal Points Of Life

David Kurtz, minister at the Concord Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Concord, Texas, shares pivotal points in his life as a youth placed in leadership roles, learning hard lessons about ministry and finding the presence of God in the midst of struggles.

Dusty Luthy - Helping Others Experience God In The Great & Small

Dusty Luthy is the minister at the Denton Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Texas. She shares what keeps her grounded in the faith is God working through others, the Word, and the beauty of the world. This grounding gives her peace, healing and perspective and nurtures her calling to help others experience God in the great and small.

Pam Phillips-Burk - Whatever You've Done To The Least Of These...

Rev. Dr. Pam Phillips-Burk, Team Leader of the Pastoral Ministry Team Leader of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination, recalls her baptism, shares how Matthew 25:40 gives her purpose and how past life experiences are helping in her ministry today.

Tom D. Campbell - Walking With God, Walking With Others

Rev. Dr. Tom D. Campbell, minister, pastor, professor, and writer recollects his spiritual walk and his ministry with humor, wit and insight.

Abby Cole Keller - God Gives Strength To Make Our Journey

Abby Cole Keller is a Cumberland Presbyterian minister leading an online worshiping community called Scattered Seeds. Abby shares how her battle with cancer helped her be able to relate with others in a different way.

Andy Kettle - The Church Is My Second Family

Andy Kettle, an elder at the Clarksville Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Tennessee, shares how his faith encourages him to help others and how the people and the ministries of the Church are so important.

Cory Williams - Being Restored & Made Whole

Cory Williams, senior minister at the Dyersburg Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Tennessee, shares his experience of receiving God's restoration and wholeness through people's love, help in a time of need, and providing perspective.

Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick - I Want To Go Wherever You Want Me To Go

Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick, minister at the Jefferson Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Jefferson, Texas, shares her calling to ministry and discerning God's voice throughout her life and envisioning the Church's worship to be a space where people can be themselves.

Jen Newell - God Nudging Me From My Comfort Zones

Jen Newell, senior minister at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Cleveland, Tennessee shares how God nudges her from comfort zones and ultimately finds herself in ministry and the call for the Church to be a place for authentic community.

B. J. Mathis - Having Fresh Eyes To See That God Is At Work

B.J. Mathis, youth minister at the Winchester Cumberland Presbyterian Church, shares how a multi-generational congregation shaped his faith in his formative years and how the Church is being challenged to have fresh eyes to see God is still at work.

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